Media Team

Camera Operators(Live Production)- Camera Operators enhance the live experience of all services and events while bringing an excellent visual experience to our online audience. Our stationary and roaming cameras are state of the art and require no prior experience.

Lighting Operator- The LO engages a fully programmed lighting board to create room dynamics and atmosphere through lighting.

Graphics Operator- The GO activates the computer with all the lyrics and graphics projected onto the large screens.

Video Switcher- The VS switches between the live camera shots of the service to produce an engaging visual experience.

Audio Engineer- The AE produces and mixes the worship band, vocalists and all audio aspects of the service.

Producer- The Producer oversees all moving parts of the media team providing seamless transitions in the service.

Photography Team- The photography team obtains the life-filled photos of Lighthouse Church by capturing those special moments for each event, service and ministry at Lighthouse.   Photos are seen on the church website, App and Social Media.

Opportunity Details: