First Impressions Team

Parking Team- The Parking Team safely directs people and vehicles and is the first smile you see when you arrive at Lighthouse Church.

Greeting Team- The Greeters make guests feel valued and welcomed with a sincere greeting, friendly presence and clear direction to new guests.

Coffee Team- The Coffee Team helps create a comfortable environment with outstanding hospitality by providing great coffee at a welcoming, clean and stocked coffee bar.

Guest Services Team- Join us in the Guest Lounge as we welcome new guests, answer questions and provide an atmosphere of care for all Lighthouse guests.

Usher Team- The Usher Team brings it to the next level by preparing the church prior to our guests arrival and then graciously assisting guests and meeting their needs to provide a distraction-free service.

Online "Chat Host"- Our online services are a place where people can find an engaging worship service, and experience church from anywhere in the world. The Chat Host plays an important role in welcoming and facilitating engagement via chat and making sure the program is guided smoothly.  

Opportunity Details: